Top NFL Players Who Went to Northwestern

Northwestern is considered to be one of the top football colleges in the country. This team has seen a lot of talent over the years. Many of the players from Northwestern have gone on to have successful careers in the NFL. These are the top NFL players to come out of Northwestern college.

Matt O’Dwyer
Matt was drafted by the New York Jets in the second round of the 1995 NFL draft. He stayed with this team for four seasons. He then went on to play with the Cincinnati Bangles for the next five years. His career did not end there. His final season in the NFL was played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004.

Cas Banazek
Cas was one of the earlier players to play for Northwestern then go onto the NFL. He was a first round pick in the 1967 draft and was selected by the San Francisco 49ers. He played 10 seasons with this team and enjoyed a good football career.

Curtis Duncan
Duncan went during the 10th round of the 1987 draft. He played with the Oilers for seven seasons. During this time he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl.

Jack Rudnay
Jack was a fourth round draft pick in 1969. He was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs and played 13 seasons with this team. He was a four time Pro Bowl player as well.

Fred Williamson
Fed was not drafted during the NFL draft got to play for a number of years in the NFL. The first team that he played with was the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1960. He went on to play for the Oakland Raider for four seasons and spent three seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was part of the Chiefs team to play in the first Super Bowl. He was able to make it to the Pro Bowl three times. This is not too bad for a player from Northwestern that did not make draft selection.

Irv Cross
Irv went to the Philadelphia Eagles in the seventh round of the 1961 NFL draft. He spend six seasons with this team and then played another three seasons with the Los Angeles Rams. During his time he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl two times.

Chris Hinton
Chris went first round during the 1983 draft. He was picked up by the Denver Broncos but never played for this time. He was sent to play for the Baltimore Colts. He stayed with this team for four seasons and then played for the Atlanta Falcons for four seasons. He also played for the Minnesota Vikings for two years. During his time in the NFL he played in the Pro Bowl seven times.

Steve Tasket
Steve was in the ninth round of the NFL draft in 1985 to the Houston Oilers. He played two seasons with this team and then played for twelve years for the Buffalo Bills. He was part of the Bills team that made it to the Super Bowl four consecutive times. He was also a member of the Pro Bowl players for seven years.

These are some of the football players that attended Northwestern to make it in the NFL. These players started off at this football school and were able to enjoy successful careers playing the sport that they loved.