When one wants to make money online, they come across a lot of things. Most of the time people will fall into scams and end up quitting before they make any real money on the internet. The best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. You basically sell other peoples products for a commission, which sometimes can be quite profitable. It you want to make good money, get started with affiliate marketing as soon as possible.

It is by far one of the best and easiest ways to get started with making money online.

How to start?

a-hacker-is-trying-to-sell-counterfeit-us-money-on-redditIn order to get started, we first have to find the perfect product to promote on our niche website. For this reason, we will be going over a list of affiliate marketing sites that have a great selection of affiliate products.

The only thing you will have to do before you begin is signup to the affiliate marketing sites and you will be able to choose the products you want to promote on your blog. Most of the affiliate sites below will allow you to filter out which products have sell the best and have the lowest refund rates. You will want to promote a product with a low refund rate, so you don’t wast time and money.

A product that has a high refund rate will be one of your worst enemies, when it comes to affiliate marketing. So the key is to find a product that sells well and has a low refund rate to become successful.

The Next Step:

So now that you have a idea to what affiliate marketing is, lets get you started and signed up to a couple sites that have affiliate products you can promote. Below is a list of sites that are free to signup and promote products.
List of Affiliate Marketing Sites that Include a Marketplace to Search for Affiliate Products.

1: ClickBank – Seen as the Best and Easiest Affiliate Marketing Platform

slider-money-in-hand-3If you are new to affiliate marketing, which most of you probably are, I highly recommended that you start of with ClickBank. This company is one the most trustworthy companies you can use when it comes to promoting other people products.

The marketplace also has a lot to offer for its affiliates. You can pretty find whatever you are into within the ClickBank Marketplace.

The commission you can earn is very profitable as well. Most of the products that you promote will yield you a 75 percent commission of every sale you help the merchant make. The commission structure is 1 percent to 80 percent, but as started earlier, it is usually around the higher end.

2: Commission Junction – Second Best Contender for Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction is also one of the favorite affiliate marketing sites among online marketers. They also offer a lot of different products on their marketplace you can choose to promote. They also allow you to secure your affiliate link, so people cant alter them to steal your commission.

One of the best things about Commission Junction, is that they offer CPA offers. A CPA offer is Cost Per Action, which means you will get make when the user makes an actions. For example some merchants will pay you when the the consumer fills out an email form. This can lead to a lot of money fairly quickly.

3: ShareASale – Third Best Options for Affiliate Products

Generic-cash-money-jpgThis company. ShareASale, is probably the biggest competitor for commission junction and clickbank. ShareAShare isn’t as easy to get into as the other two, but it is still worth trying to use their marketplace.

The one thing you have to do with ShareASale, is get your website approved,before you can start promoting products on their marketplace. This process takes about 48-72 hours. They manual review your website, which is why the process takes so long. They also send your payment via Paypal, so make sure to sign up for account if you don’t have one as of now.

4: LinkShare

LinkShare is also a really good site to find affiliate products to promote. Unlike ShareaShare, you can start promoting products right away without getting approved first. The marketplace is right on the homepage and you can search for affiliate links quite easily.

5: Amazon’s Associates Program

money-cash-usdollars-ss-1920-800x450Amazon is a very trusted site and is a good place to begin affiliate marketing. You have a very wide option of products to choose from, since for the most part you can promote anything Amazon sells. You just have to make sure amazon sells the product and not other merchant to make a commission.

One of the best features about becoming an Amazon Associate is that Amazon, keeps you affiliate cookies on the consumers computer. For example, if a user checks out your review page of Bluetooth speakers and goes to the amazon product you reviewed and doesn’t buy, you are still in luck.

Whenever that user visit Amazon again and buys anything that Amazon sells, you will make a commission off of it. It does not have to be the Bluetooth speakers you reviewed. This is a very good feature and you can make some decent commissions form the Amazon’s Associates program. The commission cut you will receive is around 8 to 10 percent.

6: Ebay Affiliate Program

Ebay’s affiliate program is basically the same as Amazon’s Associates program. You will get to promote products Ebay sells and make around an eight to ten percent commission.


Promoting products online is by far one of the best ways to make money online, if you are new to online marketing. Just sign up for a online merchant that has an affiliate program to start promoting products on your blog.

There are many people who earn a full time income as an affiliate marketer, so get started today.